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Welcome to a refreshingly modern approach to tarot readings! Our secular tarot reader offers insightful and introspective sessions without the use of crystals, astrology, or mysticism. With a focus on practical wisdom and psychological understanding, our readings provide guidance and clarity rooted in your own thoughts and emotions.

Our tarot reader combines the rich symbolism of the tarot cards with a down-to-earth perspective, helping you explore your questions and challenges from a rational standpoint. Whether you’re seeking advice on relationships, career, or personal growth, our secular tarot readings offer a thoughtful and unbiased viewpoint to assist you on your journey.

Melody Lauer

Melody draws inspiration from psychology, philosophy, and art. Her initiation into Tarot began as an experiment influenced by Carl Jung’s perspective on finding meaning and personal discovery within symbols present in dreams, art, mythology, and religion – all offering insights into the unconscious mind. This personal exploration, in conjunction with her studies in psychology and philosophy, gradually unveiled its practical significance in Melody’s life. Now equipped with these insights, she warmly extends her guidance to others, inviting them to explore their path of self-discovery through the transformative tool of Tarot.


Our mission is to guide individuals through a journey of self-discovery using the captivating tool of Tarot. We believe that human experiences are universal and those shared experiences can be drawn upon through art to help connect to a deeper understanding of self as well as to guide. 


Our vision is to create a space where individuals find understanding and self-awareness through Tarot. By fostering an environment that encourages introspection, connection, and personal growth, we aim to lead people towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the shared human experience.

welcome to Quotidian Tarot

About Quotidian Tarot

The word Quotidian means “ordinary.” I chose the name Quotidian Tarot because it encapsulated how I approach Tarot—a daily, ordinary thing that is straightforward and simple. The name speaks to the essence of my practice, devoid of the need for anything but Tarot.

But it also speaks to what I believe that a good Tarot reading should provide: practical, actionable direction that is within our abilities and control.

Ever since I acquired my first deck these unassuming 78 cards and their images have continued to spark my imagination, heighten my intuition, and foster insight. Just as the everyday holds hidden treasures, I find that within the simplicity of these cards lies a universe of wisdom waiting to be discovered and I’m excited to share those discoveries with you.


Tarot Readings

No matter your background or beliefs, our tarot reader creates a welcoming and inclusive space for meaningful conversations. Discover new insights, gain a better understanding of your situation, and make informed decisions with the help of a tarot reading that’s firmly grounded in the realities of your life.

Experience the power of tarot through a secular lens – where ancient wisdom meets modern understanding. Book a reading today and unlock the guidance you’ve been searching for.




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