LAG Holster Prototype

LAG Holster Prototype

I love being asked to test and evaluate things. It’s like a puzzle and a challenge. With this work? In what applications might it not work? If you compromise on this area will you compromise on the integrity of the entire product?

I also love testing them because I will put them to the test. To me, testing a product is more than just wearing it for a few weeks and deciding if you like it or not. I want to see how will it will work when your gun might really be needed!

It’s different than a review because what I say about a product might actually make a difference in how the product is manufactured going forward vs just deciding whether or not I like a stock product.

LAG Tactical has sent me their new AIWB holster to test and evaluate and it arrived in my mailbox all of two hours ago. I’m super excited. While I have lightly played with other AIWB holsters this is only the second one I’ll ever actually wear and carry myself.

I’ve had a great relationship with LAG and greatly appreciate their willingness to put their product out there for testing!


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September 8, 2015

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