Purse Holster Trials

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Purse Holster Trials

I’ve been carrying a gun for somewhere around ten years now. In those ten years I can count on both hands the number of times I’ve carried my firearm off body. Because of this I have found that I’m rather jaded against off body carry. We hear a lot about off body and purse carry–how to do it, what kind of purses to shop for, how it should be carried–but what do we really know?

What have we tested?

Who has tested it?

Having been asked to do an article on purse carry, I set out to do some testing myself.

In the course of two weeks I’ve gone from not having a single holster purse to having five! I’m going to be carrying a firearm in them, practicing with them, testing them, going to the range with them and even shooting with and through them to see what can be expected in regards to accuracy, speed, ballistics and the like. I’ll be sharing the results of these tests as soon as possible.

Those who are interested in giving me ideas or have questions about some of the things you’ve heard about purse carry. Please, message me. I’d love to put them to the test.

Update 9/15/15:

The purse trials are done!

We had four people on the range on Sunday, the 13th, including The SheShepard and John Johnston of Ballistic radio as well as my husband. We had a great day and learned a lot of really cool things. I’m anxious to write up our findings.

John Johnston started a purse on fire with a 360pd, the SheShepard had a crash-course in revolvers, we learned that a ham and cheese sandwich can deflect bullets and so much more!

I summed up this testing in a two-part series of articles published by Lucky Gunner.

Purse Carry Is The Worst Carry: Part 1
Part 2: Shooting Through The Purse



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September 2, 2015

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