Melody Lauer is a Rangemaster Advanced handgun and NRA Certified handgun instructor since 2007. As the director of training for Citizens Defense Research she has dedicated herself to quality, reliable self-defense information and training. She continues to seek new opportunities to learn and share information relating to self-defense and the safe, effectual use of firearms for self-defense.

Melody is a mother of three, Emergency Medical Technician and writer dedicated to learning and sharing the most effective skills in preserving innocent life.


Melody also writes for Lucky Gunner, sharing her information and experience on gear, training, tactics and more.


Melody is a regular contributor to the GunNation Podcast discussing self-defense and training issues in the community.












limalogoWhen I first came into guns and self-defense I had a strong desire to remain anonymous. More importantly, I didn’t want anyone to know that I was a girl. Seeking a handle with which to lurk on gun fora I turned to the phonetic alphabet for help recreating a name that closely represented my own.

“Lima” is the phonetic equivalent for the first initial of my last name, Lauer. “Tunes” is an obvious synonym for a melody.

And so, LimaTunes was born and under that banner I lurked, posted, read and shared until I could no longer be anonymous anymore.

As I slowly move away from my old handle, I do so with a joy at the friends and connections I have made under its banner. For many I will always be Lima.

That’s okay.

I’ll always remain Lima.

Coming soon.