Every now and then I get offered opportunities that I jump for only to have the plans fall through the cracks and the roads paved in good intentions get swept away via the mud slides of life. But, since I have my e-ticket burning a metaphorical hole in my pocket, a schedule and have been reminded to bring my range gear, it looks like this one might actually be happening.

I’m going hog hunting.

Well, I say that, but is it really hunting when it involves suppressed 300 blackout and night vision?

As my colleague, Jack Clemons, likes to correct me–it’s hog murder. And it is glorious.

I wouldn’t know. I’ve never killed anything before. Well, not on purpose. My vehicle may or may not have claimed the lives of a cat, a bird, a deer, a squirrel and a mouse but I don’t think those count.

Well, except for that mouse. I shot the mouse after running it over. But I digress.

People have commonly asked me if I was a hunter and while I’ve never had a problem with it, it’s nothing I’d gone out and done. Perhaps this will change that?

A large part of this trip is going to be evaluating the civilian use of long guns in contexts in which they may actually be utilized. My new position as the training director for Ballistic Radio’s new training division has me tasked with evaluating many such questions and taking me to environments where I might be able to better answer those questions with authority.

I’m excited for both experiences and looking forward to sharing what goes down.

Stay tuned!