At least 153 people were killed in shootings, a hostage situation and explosions in central Paris late Friday, according to French officials.

Source: Paris attacks: At least 153 die in shootings, explosions –


Paris, France, was attacked in a coordinated terrorist event a few hours ago.

If you are honest with yourself you know that this is the world we are now living in and the threat of terror is real.

Let’s be honest, the threat is minimal, but statistics are not comforting when you find yourself in the event.

I am not a tactician but I know people who are and more people have written about terrorist and active shooter events than I could ever try to repeat.

I have taken their information and listed it here for your betterment and I suggest you read and heed.

I don’t think any of my friends has written about these types of events more than my friend, Greg Ellifritz. Here are some of the things he has said:

Confronting the Mobile Killer

Armed Citizen Response to the Terrorist Bomber

Field Medicine for Terrorist Attacks

Naked and Afraid: Fighting an Active Shooter When You are Unarmed

Active Shooter Response for the Armed Citizen


And from my friend, John Murphy:

Concealed Carry in the Era of Terror: Part One

Concealed Carry in the Era of Terror: Part Two

Classes addressing this type of event:

Unthinkable: Tactics and Concepts for the Gravest Extreme


And a little reminder from some of my friends about mindset:

agirl PatR

Get out there and prepare yourselves!