This has been an intensive training year. I feel so far behind on my AARs and it seems like it’s only going to keep going. I haven’t been back from the Ernest Langdon Advanced Tactical Handgun class for a week and I’m already looking at another flight to Virginia for John Murphy’s Street Encounter Skills class to be held the first weekend of November.

No lie, November in Virginia is going to be nice and I’m really looking forward to seeing some of my Virginia friends again.

As to the question at hand? Can you train too much? Perhaps. Particularly if you don’t give yourself the time to really practice and internalize the skills you learned in one class before you move on to the next.

What’s interesting about my training year is that it has really been pulling me in many different directions from instructor development to hostage rescue and restraint escapes to advanced pistol skills, rifles, shotguns and now street encounters. A lot of different information coming from different directions! All good stuff, but processing all of this is taking time!
I’m also really excited about some of the teaching opportunities that have come up for me at the end of this year and possibly going into next year! I look forward to expanding my classes and seeing people on the range!